Happy Birthday, Mknz Starr

12:08 PM

It was Mknz's birthday this past Wednesday! I wanted it to be a good time and the only three things I could think of for a surefire good time was: food, friends, and beer.

So what do you think I put on the invitations?

For supper the menu looked like:

1. Roasted rosemary chicken
2. Spinach Almond Meal pancakes with cumin, sea salt, onions, and black pepper
3. Mashed cauliflower with thyme, garlic, sesame oil, and onions
4. Italian flat parsley, capers, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice + zest
5. Spicy diced + roasted sweet potato salad with jalapenos + chili flakes (made by Scott!)
6. Homemade bread (made by Anders!)
7. Micro-brewed milk stout beer by Mackenzie + Anders

The meal was a bit ambitious, but it all turned out so delicious! After supper we headed over to the biergarten to see everyone else! Mknz had no idea there were more people coming...

When we walked into Zum, everyone cheered for the birthday boy!

I like this one ^^. They're all blurry, but they look sort of like Kandinsky paintings.



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