Saturday Activities

5:48 PM

We had another snowy day today. After breakfast with Mackenzie (Mknz for short) he walked me over to the nearest Good Will where Jas, Al, and Kels were perusing. Apparently they'd had breakfast a few streets up at Joe Jr.'s (our favorite diner!). Mknz dipped out after checking the record selection and the girls + I went to the Strand shortly thereafter to keep Kels's boyfriend Grant company. I sat Al and Kels down at a bench concealed between bookshelves for a book reading of a silly illustrated children's book of flying instruments.

"Okay, welcome," I said. "Find a seat."

Kels and Al found their seats.

"This is the first ever meeting of The Strand Downstairs Underneath Some Pipes and Between The Bookshelves In The Bowels of the Bookstore Club. There is only one rule at this club. It is to Shut-The-Heck-Up," I said.

And we were silly and played around while people brooded over Gender Studies and Gray's Anatomy and other books.

Afterwards I headed home with Jasmine to put my new bed together while she took a nap. The headboard arrived first a few days ago, but the actual matching bed frame finally came yesterday! I love the design and the materials - grey linen with button tufts and rounded silver studs.

My favorite handy-women role models remain to be Mel & Liza so I felt like this was paying homage to their awesome handy efforts. Total work time? 1.5 hours.

Chaos in the beginning.

This was literally it for instructions. Here was a moment where I was very glad to have gone through Kumon and their Japanese teaching style of learn-from-example. 

Done! My sock monkey loves it.

It felt good to find the pieces and put them all together like one big puzzle. Slowly, assuredly, and with purpose.



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