The Olmsted Salon: January 2014

10:48 AM

DATE: Thursday, January 23, 2014

TIME: 7:00 PM

WHERE: 209 East 16th Street, New York, NY 10018

COST: Suggested $5 donation to cover costs


Join the Olmsted Salon on Thursday January 23rd, 2014 for a discussion on "Death, Failure, and Art" with speaker Daniel A. Siedell.

The talk will touch on the following by Dan:
"Art is considered to be a jewel in the crown of human achievement and creativity. And as such it has often been considered evidence of that humanity bears the image of the creative and creator God. And the history of art—especially in the western tradition—is the history of human triumph: resurrections, ascensions, miracles, heroic deeds in battle, and the manifestation of the ideals of beauty.
And yet since the advent of modernism art has embraced weakness, death and failure at its core. Cézanne once said that, "with every stroke, I risk my life" and the modern filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky said that art's role is to prepare us for death. Far from Romantic hyperbole, I suggest that it is death and failure to which art bears witness, and do so in ways that is distinctive and necessary in contemporary culture."

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