Saturday Morning Errands

6:46 PM

I love the way Saturdays begin. In our little house in NYC, we wake up slowly, extract ourselves from bed, and make a cup of coffee. We do this at different times, filtering into the common room one-by-one before filtering out again. I always wake up earlier than I intend to in the mornings. Long before the alarm sounds off. I awake facing the window and always check to see where the sunshine line is on the side of the building next to us. If it hasn't graced the stone, it's too early. If it's diagonally splayed across the stained glass, it's time to rise and shine.

Today we (Al, Jas, Kelts, and I) ran morning errands to hunt down cereal bowls. Then we came home to read and talk and read...

Ni, Al, Jas.
Photocred: Kelsey

Kels, Ni, Al.

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