LA Town with Zacky

5:57 PM

I stopped in LA to visit with my friend Zack before hopping a coastal train home when I arrived in California. How wonderful it was to see him! We met in NYC when I was a freshman in college, but he left to go to the University in Georgia to finish out his undergraduate degree. He made his way out to LA after graduating and I couldn't help but want to pay a visit to his West Hollywood apartment.

I stayed for two days and during that time found myself spending a good majority of it at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). How I loved it! The campus is splendid and the special exhibits were wonderful: Calder and Abstraction + James Turrell. My favorite section of any museum is the European Art where do you think they found me during closing hours?

Lobby of the Ahmanson Building. Roberta Ahmanson spoke at the conference I helped organize this past October. She and her husband are profound donors of LACMA.

At Coffee and Milk.



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