'Tis the Season

8:33 PM

The other night Alex, Jasmine, and I helped Melina out with a dinner party + silent auction she hosted at her house. Ever the wonderful hostess, Melina was a vision in her beautiful red button down dress and her calm demeanor. A lot of the ladies kept saying how amazed they were at how calm and chill she was despite all the people and the festivities, but I wasn't surprised at all -- that's just Mel's style. When it comes to hosting parties there's really no other way to be -- what's the use of running around like a chicken with its head cut off? The only result from acting like that is the risk of making your guests feel stressed or guilty or frantic. No use in that.

Jas, Al, and I donned our festive outfits and served wine and hors d'oeuvres. There were sweets like French macarons from Financier and delicious gourmet chocolates from a German chocolatier with flavors that tasted like candied flowers. Josh stopped in before the party to prepare the hors d'oeuvres from the Maialino (our favorite!). We had smoked salmon with chive creme, duck fraîche with cranberry sauce on flour pitas, fresh baby shrimp with a delicious herby cocktail sauce...and Bridget made homemade beef chuck slow cooked in a delicious sweet rosemary broth. Al, Jas, and I couldn't help but sneak to the back constantly to sample it all and then wash it down with delicate glasses of prosecco. There was so much wine in the vicinity! Reds, whites, and sparklies. I only drank the prosecco and then diluted it with mineral water when I was really thirsty. Dear me, it was extravagant. People attending the party got very happy very fast, and it was funny to hear all of the loud hubbub from the kitchen. It was all right though, even when the drunk lingerers lingered -- they all live in the neighborhood and could walk home; it's a lovely perk of living in the heart of any large city.

A good night it was! A good kickoff to the Christmas season. 

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