Finding the Horizon Line

10:07 AM

It's a bit scary, really, how quickly time gets away from you. And you can't even watch it get away from you, it's both constant and sneaky. Dependable? We only think so.

Yesterday morning Jas and I rose early for cappuccinos at the Blue Bottle coffee shop in the west village. Brandon met us there and we made the four-block walk north to David Zwirner gallery only to find a line wrapping around the corner on the west side. Dreadful, bitter wind whipping off the Hudson and our own insufficient clothing forced us out of the line after five minutes.

We found ourselves in another gallery checking out Brazilian artist Sandra Cinto's installation. The photo above is a sample from it.

He'd drawn beautiful clean lines on the walls all about the room in neat rows and the horizon line where they met in the middle was not just a ploy for eye tricks. It doubled as a marker for the water line level where Hurricane Sandy filled the place up. I read that bit in the summary and had to blink twice.
A year already it's been? Give or take a couple of months.

Feels like we're holding a rope loosely and it's rapidly slipping through our fingers and the fear of a burn leaves more of a mark than the actual physical chafe.
Where has the time gone! May I chase it somehow?


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