A Time to Give Thanks

12:39 PM

We had such a lovely Thanksgiving party. We filled our great big apartment with noise and smiles and aromas of spiced food. There were three cases of hard cider and one of beer and a bottle of champagne and one of whiskey and another of irish cream. It was a great affair with such an eclectic group of people. Large feelings of contentment and merriment even when one or a few of us were silent; we were just happy each and every one of us was there. We giggled and snorted over the flowers poking up from the glass jars on the table. No one had a mind to be or feel strange. No games were necessary--no card tricks--just good conversation. Jasmine's cheeks looked warm, as did mine. And we made sure to keep flipping the record and replacing the needle on the player.

A group effort at happiness. Without even trying very hard! We shared in our hunger pains through the cooking and the setting of the table and the beer feeling like acid in our empty bellies.

When Alex, Jasmine and I went to retrieve the flowers from the chapel we flew down the house stairs, all of our skirts were flying behind us. We ran to the courtyard, shuffling in the cold. Alas! The door was locked so we flew out of the courtyard to turn the corner and try the chapel doors, but no! The lock was turned as well. So we went scurrying to try the third and last way, shrieking and laughing at the cold. Forest and Josh witnessed us running about the church grounds like white doves or flower girls and the dark stone church looming tall above our heads. Forest said it was beautiful.

What strange children we must have looked like!



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