Brimming Saturday

9:54 PM

Full to the brim!

I awoke this Saturday morning in good spirits. I came out of such a luxurious sleep on account of new bedding I purchased -- a second plush pillow and white jersey knit pillowcases to match my white comforter and sheets. What a difference two pillows can make rather than just one!

Little joys.

Other little joys included getting my leatherbound notebook out and doing some pensive writing as well as practicing some hand-lettering with different script -- serif and sans serif, filled in or shaded....good practice for future projects!

When the time came I headed over to the farmer's market at the square to pick up bouquets of straw flowers and a large bunch of young eucalyptus for an Artists in Studio event I helped plan. The event itself was wonderful! There was a good turnout, conversation was flowing, and the air was comfortable. The artists themselves have such a beautiful loft space in Soho and I was so happy they opened it up for us! I have to remind myself to write a thank you card to them within the next week...

The evening ended with a lovely little dinner party at Melina + Jacob's. After the art reception, Jacob + Dan + Dan's wife and daughter and I rode the train up from Soho and arrived back in time to see Dusty + Jonathan + Anne + Mel (who left the reception just before us) putting the last touches to the dining table together. The supper menu was a wonderful mix that included:

1. Leafy green salad with a light vinaigrette
2. Tilapia filets with flat Italian parsley, salt, pepper, and fresh lime juice
3. Roasted autumnal root vegetables tossed with light oil, salt, pepper, and maple syrup
4. Wild brown rice

There was red wine and a yummy chocolate Dean + Deluca cake to top it off.


The weather drop has been such a surprise! I don't know why seeing as how it's November now, but it feels like it's too early to be wearing woolen argyle socks and my heavy duty Ralph Lauren boots!



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