A Very Merry Birthday for the Little Sophia

9:22 PM

For the past 3 years I've helped Melina with little Sophia's birthday party. For her 4th birthday, Melina set up a beautiful tea party with cups and saucers and ribbons at Pierce House. For her 5th birthday, we transformed Anderson Hall into a miniature version of Neverland where Esther and I told a fantastical story and gathered all of the children around us to listen. This year, Melina and I brainstormed for a cute mystery-whodunnit party. Melina came up with the idea of hunting down a missing chocolate recipe hidden in the house and she transformed the house into a place for little mini detectives to hunt down clues! Alex and I spun the mysterious tale of how the chocolate recipe went missing and Sophia loved it!

I just love Sophia so much and was so happy I could help make her 6th birthday party such an imaginative, interactive experience!

Here are some photos I took from the party:

Martha Stewart created this awesome DO NOT ENTER tape in her Halloween collection this year!

Mel put edible silver pearls on the cake.

A place card handwritten by Ginger for Little S!

A glimpse at the beautiful tablescape.

Pumpkins added a nice little autumn touch.

The wrapping paper I chose for Little S's presents! Her birthday is just before Halloween so I chose colors to match the holiday season. Black chevron print on butcher paper and copper ribbon!

Where all the girls had their cake and ate it too!

Lola plaiting Little S's hair for the party.

Henry being adorable. Love the little H-Bomb!

Munchies for the adults.

Some photos from last year:



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