Supper: a Gathering at the Exquisite Trough

12:26 PM

Here are some photos off the Pilot Projects blog from the event Meaghan, Heidi, Lana, and I planned. We organized a huge communal supper for 200+ people with food locally sourced by Brooklyn chefs the Pixie and the Scout. Pilot Projects special-designed the white troughs--food apparatuses to hold square bamboo plates full of North-Atlantic region dishes.

It was an incredible event, one I'd never witnessed before. What a wonderful idea--thought up by my boss Meaghan! All of the hard work stitched together the perfect evening that brought joy to all of the attendees in sharing such a unique experience and creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere within such a huge, high-ceilinged space! All I could think was, Wow, we did that!

We began the evening out on the rooftop terrace of the space to serve wine and beer.

We hand-carried all of the troughs to each individual table, setting them on top of wide-mouth mason jars filled with flameless tea lights.

Our supper cards were adorable! Hand-drawn by The Hungry Fox.

Scott's floorplan of the space.

Scott's blueprint of the trough.

Drawn by The Hungry Fox.

The Hungry Fox's take on Scott's floorplan.

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