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I went to the Q Cities conference yesterday because Gabe Lyons gifted IAM with two tickets for promoting his event at ours over the weekend. It took place at the Highline Ballroom -- a small chic venue next door to Chelsea Market. The setup looked like the Bowery Ballroom with booths -- smaller with a stage opposite the entrance and an upstairs balcony that looked over the ground floor.

It felt nice to be on the flip side of a conference -- chillin' in the audience rather than scrambling around behind the scenes. Q had some pretty cool speakers--some heavy-hitters with a wide umbrella of influence. Everyone was suited up with blazers and slacks. I wore all black with my maroon suede sneaker wedges--definitely felt like a young one there. It was nice to move quietly among people and smile and greet and learn about incredible initiatives in the city. 
Afterwards I popped over to Anthropologie at Chelsea Market to buy Meg a gift (a pretty edition of Alice in Wonderland) before she flew off to Montana with her sister. The rest of the afternoon was spent washing sticky wine residue out of the stemless wineglasses we used for Supper. After work I came home with a bag of leftover madeleine cookies, handles of vodka, a bag of wasabi peas, and a box of Pie Face to share with Jas, Al, Kels, and Julia. We all huddled around the goods in my bedroom and swapped stories before sayng goodnight!

Gabe Lyons on stage. I really respect his professionalism as well as his ability to foster conversation and coordinate people.

Moved from the balcony to be closer to the stage.

Attendees received these cool hardcover moleskine-esque notebooks with a Q imprint.

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