October Days

8:56 AM

To celebrate the end of the conference -- and really my first real professional accomplishment -- Melina and I went to brunch on Friday morning at our favorite place! Coffee and cappuccinos...eggs and delicious roasted potatoes...delicious! The food there is always quality and the service is always on spot.
It was so nice getting together to talk about many things: the goings-on in each of our lives, the future, our faith. Melina is so important to me and has grown to be a role model as well as family to me over the years. I am so grateful to she and her husband -- the Rev Jacob -- for being an example to me in how to live kindly, patiently, and as a steward to others.

Effortlessly beautiful Melina.

Poached eggs with pureed butternut squash, roasted autumn root vegetables, and salt and pepper. There was also a plate of roasted potatoes garnished with rosemary. Yum!

Went to the farmer's market afterward to buy some cider and apple cider donuts. I also picked up a little potted rosemary plant!

I'm loving the weather these days! It permits me to wear wool sweaters and tights, which I love to bring out of the closet every Autumn.

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