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I always look forward to the weekends because I know I'll be able to work on our new apartment. Jasmine and I spent Saturday morning organizing our bedroom and then the main room. Afterwards we trekked to IKEA in Brooklyn to pick up some necessary items like wooden frames, bamboo baskets for fresh produce and vegetables, organization boxes, an extra hook rail, and new bedding. Our IKEA is all the way out in Red Hook, but the ride there was so pleasant! We took the train to Brooklyn Heights (my old neighborhood) and then shuttle-bused it the rest of the way.

We came home to draw + watercolor illustrations for the new frames! Our idea for the frame is to make a gallery-style arrangement above the fireplace in our room.

Jasmine brought the cutest little Polaroid frames.

My favorite kind of evening: good company, productive activity, and delicious devourables. Jasmine had the brilliant idea of simmering mulled wine. We bought some two-buck chuck and she put it over low heat with some Williams Sonoma mulling spices. The original plan was to do Halloween crafts, but decided we'll save that for a day closer to the date!

The new hook rail! I also picked out some of my favorite type of dishtowels--ones made from Swedish huck cloth. I found these at IKEA for .79 cents. A good deal for something so well-made! I love the Frenchy red stripe. Next I want to look for some that have an aquamarine green stripe rather than red.

The shelves Jas and I put up last week. We bought the circular bamboo baskets from IKEA.

New frames. I painted the fox one last night. The flowery pattern was inspired from my trip to Boston last winter when I visited the Museum of Fine Arts and a gorgeous hand-painted textile caught my eye. The third is a print my little sister Erica sent me randomly in the mail of Ryan Gosling in one of my favorite films, Drive.

Organization boxes in a pale jade -- also from IKEA. The bottom one holds journals and batteries and pens. The top one holds hairpins, rings, bracelets, and the like. They make the perfect wall to lean my sketchbooks against!

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