Hello Monday!

6:18 PM

We're down to the "just a few days" mark! Only two more days until the big arts conference we've been planning! So much background work has gone into the process of stitching the conference together. From researching all of the items needed for the goodie bags (which we finally started assembling today) to creating individual daily schedules for the many volunteers to building cue rundowns for the technical people onstage and backstage to promoting everything through Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to finding and coordinating accommodations for presenters and performers--not to mention all of the researching and ordering and meetings and correspondence for the 200-person communal dinner we're hosting on Friday....

Needless to say...it's been busy! But so fulfilling. I cannot wait to see the joy and happiness on people's faces when everyone's mingling. Our website designer, Rainy, told me that some of her closest friends have come out of these annual conferences. I feel honored to be a part of such  a small team and creative force.

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