24 September 2013

9:30 PM

The days have been hectic! Supremely productive, but terribly busy. I finally allowed myself to rest and take a catnap on Sunday. I pushed my bed over to the huge window in my bedroom where a ray of late afternoon sunshine was falling across the floorboards. 

I've been so thankful for routine that I can't complain in the least. After Europe's sporadic schedule, I welcome any sort of continual practice like rising at a consistent early time each morning, taking brisk walks to work, and then taking on the daily checklist. There's just something so satisfying about witnessing the fruits of your labor. 

And I love how much I enjoy doing the work that I do. It's definitely a lot -- planning a huge conference for a few hundred people with only 3 other people as the backbone of it all is probably one of the most intense and trying endeavors that I've ever tried my hand at, but it's also exciting and fulfilling and makes me grin from ear to ear when I envision the outcome. And it's all just puzzle pieces, really.

Today at the office one of the main executives from Votivo candles dropped in today to gift us all with the most incredible-smelling candles. They all smelled so fresh and lightly heady, just as a candle's scent should be. They were very high quality and I can't wait for them to be used!

Since we're an all-female office, the enthusiasm was through the roof!

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