Nia Graduates College and Begins Another NYC Summer

7:07 AM

Hello friends!

So here is yet another blog begun in the saga of Nia blogroll-dom. The name is simple enough and easy to remember and with hope this blog is here to stay!

For the first post I'd like to give a little snippet of the recent events changing my life at this very moment! In May I graduated college, kicking off the biggest summer of transition I've experienced yet. My "big girl" job doesn't start until September, so until then I've been living the life of a young woman in the city, bright-eyed and floored by what life has yet to offer!

In August I'm taking off to Europe with my best friends Alex and Kaylie for the whole month and until we board that first plane to Paris I'm doing the NYC nanny thing. We're staying with friends until we sign our lease in September for an apartment. The move from Brooklyn Heights was crazy but we're settled in for the rest of our summer in the city at our friend/mentor Melina's new place where she and her husband Jacob and two little ones recently moved. It's a beautiful two-story apartment where you can watch the revamp progress picture-by-picture on her blog here.

My digs? Let's check 'em.

White, clean, beachy vibes for the sleep space.

Original antique crystal doorknobs from this centuries-old building.

I gold-leafed this antique cabinet for Mel and I like how it turned out! The debate still rages...should it be painted all white to match the bedroom set?

Ceiling light fixtures from Restoration Hardware. Loving the Thomas Edison look.

Also love the color scheme >>> the pale aqua and white automatically gives me such a peaceful happy feeling just by being surrounded by the airy colors! It's no wonder my recent summer buys incorporate the colors also.

Scored this Piper fringe top after the Nordstrom 4th of July sale! Just in time for the Lone Ranger.

This top is typically meant to be a short tunic, but I bought it in an oversized L so that I can wear it as a dress! Since I'm only 5'3 it works!

Calvin Klein lightweight wedges in the palest of sable grey.

Favorite loungewear.

A graduation gift from Melina and Jacob -- The Mockingbird Devotional is a beautiful book of passages to begin each day!

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